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the outlet shop review
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The Outlet – Online Shopping Review

The Outlet Shop (

10 out of 10
the outlet shop review

The Outlet restored my confidence in online shopping!
Thanks goodness, there still exist a reliable online store!!!!

Overall Shopping Experience


First of all – RELIABLE Online Store!

Authentic fashion brands at bargain prices!

Exceptional customer service! :* :* :*

Product received was of exceptional quality! I'm very happy! 😀


No Cash on Delivery option

As I have stated above, The Outlet restored my confidence in online shopping! Thanks goodness, there still exist a reliable online store!!!!

That is after the failed online transactions which I had with Sun and Sands website, Life Pharmarcy mobile app, and SperryUAE website. That was a lot of stress and money not recovered till date of writing this post!

So when I saw the product I love (a small functional purse that I could easily carry wherever I go) in The Outlet Shop, I was like, oh I’d like to buy it but the three stores have traumatized me well enough!

So I dropped a message to our beautiful sister who’s behind this wonderful online store if they have a COD option. However, sadly there is no COD. So I was really torn in between wanting to buy the purse versus the fear of online shopping brought by the three stores I mentioned which all recently happened on September.

Fast forward, I took the leap of faith!!!! Trusting the fact that this store is operated by a trustworthy family!

And Viola!!! I finally have the purse I’ve been eyeing on their website since the past few days! What a relief! E-commerce confidence is finally restored. There is still humanity left in the universe! 😛

But kidding aside guys, I just feel like it’s worth it to share to you my wonderful experience with THE OUTLET Shop. Here you get:

1.) authentic original branded items at bargain prices! Like jaw-dropping bargains!

2.) Exceptional customer service!

3.) High quality product – I received the purse in perfect condition! I’m so happy!

4.) And most importantly — reliable and secure payment transaction. They require an OTP before your purchase will proceed.

So in summary — I had a good online shopping experience with The Outlet Shop! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone searching for high quality products at bargain prices but with amazing reliable service! 😀

Check it out and use “NEXT50” coupon code so you will get AED 50 discount on your total purchase! 😀

Speaking of my failed online transactions, please beware of the following:

****cash grabbing scams (Sperry UAE) – where my item is NEVER DELIVERED!

****non-updated inventory of the online store (Life Pharmacy Mobile App) where the item I ordered is showing available in their app so I purchased. Upon delivery, I received the parcel with incomplete item only to be informed that it is out of stock and refund will be processed. They returned the amount in their “Life Pharmacy WALLET” and not to my bank! So, I don’t have other choice but to buy the item I need on another store and use that refunded amount in the wallet only to Life Pharmacy! Gets the hassle and business there?

*****And lastly, the worst customer support (Sun and Sands website + Fetchr delivery) which does not care about getting your funds back or having your item delivered completely. It’s been almost a month now and still the issue I have with them is not resolved. I already paid the amount for 2 items, received 1 item with the less value, and the remaining item is lost in nowhere! Call them – no answer! Chat them — same old reply no solution! I don’t know anymore what channel to use to recover our funds or get our item delivered! It’s floating in the air, only God knows where!

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