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Special Lomi Restaurant Review
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Review: Special Lomi Restaurant in Hamdan, Abu Dhabi

Special Lomi Restaurant in Hamdan, Abu Dhabi

7.8 out of 10
Special Lomi Restaurant Review

We ordered Lomi, Batangas Goto and T-Bone steak;

Checkout below my specific comments for each menu item we tried.

Overall Restaurant Experience
Taste of Food


Excellent customer service; pang 5-star ang service ng team! Kudos!


Overwhelmingly full; needed more space

Experience in Special Lomi Restaurant:

First, I’d really like to commend the excellent staff working in Special Lomi Restaurant. They are very warm, hospitable and attends to your needs quickly with enthusiasm and positive vibe! If I’d go back and dine again in Special Lomi Restaurant, they would be 1 of the main reason worth going back for. Also, I’d still love to try other items from their menu.

Second, I’d like to make my readers aware that the location is now changed to Hamdan Street. The location that appeared in google searches pointing us towards Tourist Club Area is already outdated. Trust me, we’ve been there the hassle of turning up to the wrong place only to know that the Tourist Club location is previously the 1st branch of Special Lomi Restaurant which is now closed.

As of our first time dine-in experience in August 2021, Special Lomi Restaurant is now located in Hamdan Street.

So now for the food that we tried in Special Lomi Restaurant, we ordered 3 items: Special Lomi, T-Bone Steak and Gotong Batangas.

A brief review of the food we ordered in Special Lomi Restaurant

Special Lomi at Special Lomi Restaurant

7 out of 10

It wasn’t what I expected. It is overloaded with laman and kudos to that, however, the lomi is very sticky that I literally could not sip a decent soup out of it anymore. 🙁

PS: Apologies about this photo as it is taken when we already started eating the Lomi; hence the undesirable sauce on the sides of the bowl.

But the presentation of the restaurant in serving the Lomi is really nice; with all the loaded toppings!

Overall Food Experience


Loaded with toppings


Lomi is so sticky that there's no soup left

T-Bone Steak at Special Lomi Restaurant

8 out of 10

Tender beef and really good serving for its price.

However, I prefer my steak seasoned only with salt and pepper; so I did not really expect that this is a sweet version of the steak;

It was good and tasty but I’d love my steak as formerly described.

Overall Food Experience


Good serving size

Tender beef


Too sweet for my taste

Gotong Batangas at Special Lomi Restaurant

4 out of 10

as the saying goes “not my cup of tea”…. as per my experience, I realized that it’s “not my bowl of soup”

Let’s just say that I’d put this menu item in my not preferred soup.

Overall Food Experience


Order price is cheap so it doesn't hurt to try


Hardly no meat at all; even the lamang loob are just too few; you can see in the picture;

I can still taste the not-so-appealing lasa of the laman loob

So there you have it folks. I do not oversell products / food / experiences so I am trying to describe it as per how I experienced it. Maybe one of these days, I’d still like for Special Lomi Restaurant to redeem and satisfy my cravings in their other menu items. I’m looking forward to try the Batangas Bulalo, Sisig and Putok Batok in their menu.


The prices noted above is as of our dining experience in August 2021.

This review is as per the personal experience of the author and family members. It does not constitute as a professional advise. In addition, photos included in this post is a property of, unless stated otherwise in the cited source.

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