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Review on Hatta Damani Lodges Resort

Hatta Damani Lodges Resort

8.2 out of 10
Overall Hotel Experience
Room Size
Value for Money


Private and cozy lodges

Ambience is very romantic & tranquil

A lot of adventure activities can be done

The buggy ride experience in going to our private lodge is wonderful


Prices are steep

No accessible main course restaurant; there are only food trucks but only good for snacks and drinks;


This is an adventure lovers paradise!

The view from our lodge was magnificent! It is extremely beautiful from early sunrise sneaking through the mountains up to the stargazing at night.

We were at lodge 12 and it was wonderful as we have the utmost privacy to enjoy the place by ourselves.

The cold mountain breeze, the adventurous buggy car to and from our lodge is a very nice experience.

We super love the Hatta adventure. We took the Mountain-Do It All package that offered us Mountain Hiking, Biking and Hatta Dam kayaking experience! It ain’t easy, but the experience was all so worth it!

We also enjoyed the array of activities in Hatta wadi hub. Though there are still more activities yet to open.

The service was excellent, Joan who assisted us from our check in was very warm and welcoming. She happily provided us with the information we needed, all with grace and smile on her face. We also had a short encounter with Masry who went beyond his duties and dropped us off to our lodge which was a super big help as we were exhausted from our activities. We really appreciated his service. To, Mr. Ali, the buggy car driver who drives day and night and yet still excitingly greeted us every time he picked and dropped us off.

We stayed in this resort last March 2019, as a couple.

Areas for Improvement:

A few notes for improvement though. The stay is quiet expensive at 1600 for 2 nights and we did not have a decent breakfast included in the stay. The dining options are very limited to only 3 food trucks which we need to buy separately at a relatively high cost which only includes some coffee, juice, sandwiches. It is only good for a day tour trip at Hatta Wadi Hub. When we got off from our mountain hike, it was such a trouble finding a very good restaurant to deliver us grilled meats to fill our super hungry tummies after the challenging hike. It would have been best if these options are readily available in the hotel. The housekeeping also forgot to make up our room which we ordered before leaving for another activity. When we came back from our activity, they forgot that we asked to made up our room.

Price Disclaimer:

The rate at AED 1600 was for 2 nights at the time of our booking last March 2019. Please visit their website for updated rates as it changes depending on the season.

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