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Review on Golden Sands Hotel Apartments 10, Al Mankhool, Dubai

Golden Sands Hotel Apartments 10, Al Mankhool, Dubai

2.8 out of 10
Overall Hotel Experience
Room Size
Value for Money


Has nearby supermarkets in the area;

Spacious apartment


Outdated apartments

Not a good value for money


We stayed as family last July 2021 and we were not happy with our stay. Mainly because the price we paid for did not justify the facilities and the apartment. We felt deceived because the facilities in the booking pictures is not the actual facilities we found during our stay in Golden Sands 10.

1) upon check-in, it took so long for our apartment to be ready

2) weeks before check-in, they already charged my card even though my booking showed that payment will be made at the property (i didn’t bother to complain about this as I am sure about our travel anyway), I did not know that was already a red flag!

3) the apartment is very very old, rusty and the kitchen appliances are way too old that some are not working. I think the appliances were already there even before the younger generation was born.

4) Definitely it was not worth the money paid for. At that price (400aed approx.), I could have gotten a better place to stay have I known about this hotel apartment or at the very least if the pictures shown in are real.

5) the pictures shown in does not reflect the correct or actual state of the apartment; we were in Golden Sands 10 and the pictures in the internet are definitely nowhere to be found in Golden Sands10. Be aware though that there are so many Golden Sands we’ve seen so maybe some of those picture belong to other Golden Sands.

6) be sure not to book yourself at Golden Sands 10 if you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay. I’m not sure how do other Golden Sands apartments look like but I can only speak for Golden Sands 10.

In summary, we were very disappointed with our stay in Golden Sands 10 Hotel Apartments. If the management sees fit, they can refund 50% of the amount I paid since I think that is how the old and rusty apartment should be priced. To the management, please do not post pictures of the property that does not reflect its actual state. Since you own so many Golden Sands apartments in Mankhool area, at least be very specific of the pictures to which apartment it belongs so travelers like us will have a well informed decision. We trusted you with the details you provided about the property but we were gravely deceived.

Areas for Improvement:

The management of Golden Sands Hotel Apartment needs to reflect the actual state of the apartment in their booking sites. Since there are a lot of Golden Sands Hotel Apartments in Al Mankhool, pictures should be specific for each apartment.

Price Disclaimer:

The rate at AED 400 was for 1 night for a 2 bedroom deluxe apartment in Golden Sands 10 at the time of our booking last July 2021.

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